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Welcome to Associated Comprehensive Eye Care

We' ve built a long standing reputation for quality eye care in Ocala, FL.

The eye, although often overlooked, is an essential yet highly sensitive and complex structure that allows us to see the world around us. At Associated Comprehensive Eye Care, we combine 38 years of medical practice with most cutting edge technology available to provide our patients with the best care possible. Our goal is to help patients maintain strong, healthy eyes throughout their lives and reduce the risk of degenerative ophthalmic conditions.

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Whether our patients come in for an acute ophthalmic condition, a routine eye exam, or an eye surgery—our patients are guaranteed to receive the best medical care in the Ocala area. When you combine state-of-the-art equipment and techniques with our doctors’ advanced skill, the result is crystal clear.

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Depending on the type and severity of each patient’s individual conditions, we are sure to cater to their individual needs—often this can include medication, corrective lenses, laser treatment, or surgery. Our doctors are also equipped to provide preventive care to reduce the occurrence and severity of ophthalmic conditions and keep our patient’s eyes in ideal health.

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For the convenience of our patients, Associated Comprehensive Eye Care and Eye Care Boutique provides direct insurance billing with almost all major Florida insurance providers and assistance companies. Call us today to see if we accept your insurance plan!